Friday, December 30, 2011

Bungee Burrow Beds - A Pet Bed System - Kansas City Dog & Pet Photography

During the past few years in my journey as a pet photographer, I have been blessed to meet some amazing people in the pet community - both locally in Kansas City and even internationally.  I recently learned of Bungee Burrow beds by Renee Rose and was intrigued to have Remington try one of these out for himself. She sent me a large, custom handmade bed just for Remington. I had to laugh because as soon as I laid it out on the living room floor upon arrival, he immediately planted himself on the bed and didn't move for hours.  It is apparently Remington-approved!  Remington's best friend Murphy the Poodle/Bichon and often mistaken for a stuffed animal tried out his own bed too. Read on for more details on these beds and be sure to check her videos out at the website listed below and like her on Facebook!


Bungee Burrow Beds - A Pet Bed System
By Renee Rose, Owner

This unique bedding system is designed to provide your pet with comfort and security, while allowing for repeated machine washing, providing a hypo-allergenic product for cleanliness and comfort.

The bed comes with a blanket w/bungee bands, that does attach to the Bed. It allows your pet to burrow under the blanket, stand up and change positions under the blanket. While the blanket stays in place. Your pet will be able to enter and exit from all four sides of the bed and the blanket will lie down on top of bed. Your pet can lie on top of blanket, if not wanting to burrow under the blanket.

The design of this bed incorporates a Flat poly-fill, that is sewn into the four sides of fabric. This allows the poly-fill to stay in place, without tangles and losing its shape in the washing machine or dryer. BB-Beds bungee burrow beds are Patent Pending. Blanket is made out of "Anti-Pill" Fleece -- Anti-pill fleece is the highest quality of fleece. (it will not have little pills of ball on fleece)

Bed is made out of high quality, durable cotton/drapery "decorative" fabric. All materials are bought in the USA. I've designed this bed around a" Bed" Pillow - Queen size. King bed pillow would be great for two little dogs or one medium size dog. (Pillow does not come with bed)

BB-Beds are designed for smaller... dogs and cats. I have made a Travel (pillow) size for possibly a ferret or other small critters. Our small min pin Bella Rae is 2 to 3lbs. this is a good size for her... right now. I can make bb-beds in a larger size still working around a Bed pillow. E-mail for special orders!



Linda Bell said...

I love this bed. I sure wish Hopey would use one. They are so great to keep our little fur babies warm throughout the winter. They are so adorable..
Love Linda

Raised Dog Beds said...

Thanks for suggesting this nice cute bed. I like it alot or i think my dog likes this too.

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