Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Romeo the Schnauzer - Kansas City Dog & Pet Photography

OK, Remington, don't be jealous. I photographed another Schnauzer last weekend.

*Gasp*.  But you always do know when I've been off photographing another dog because when I arrive home and you come running to greet me, you immediately stop and sniff me in confusion.  You give me that perplexed and serious Schnauzer look that says.. HEY. I thought I was the only dog you pulled out your big camera thing for and gave special treats, right?  Sorry, my best furry friend... there are others, but you will always be Number 1 in my book!

Meet Romeo, an adorable Schnauzer who modeled quite lovely for me in Antioch Park on a gorgeous Fall day. I will say that the magic phrase for him was "Do you want to go for a walk?" and he would come galloping toward me in pure excitement as his response.  Good thing my camera is fast!  Sometimes I have to... fib (OK.. lie) .... to get a dog's attention or perk up their ears. This may mean asking them various phrases in which the answer is not going to happen at that moment.. such as going for a walk.  Romeo, in typical Schnauzer form, gave me a little Schnauzer-tude (aroooooooo-roooo)  when I did not hold up to my random phrases. I couldn't help but laugh because my Remington does the same thing. Gotta love those Schnauzers! Much love to Veronica and her boy Romeo!



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