Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Unique Senior Class Portraits - Branding Yourself as a Photographer - Kansas City Dog, Pet & Portrait Photography

Some great advice I once received was that as a photographer, you need to find a niche, learn your style and genre and stick with it.  The most successful photographers are those who stay with a particular specialty. "General" photographers can blend in with the rest of the competition and do not stand apart.  So, I decided that I was going to brand myself as a photo restoration artist and a pet photographer only. While I do offer wedding photography, I no longer promote this and do not include in my branding, because I want to be known as primarily a pet photographer.  When I receive requests to photograph babies, children or even senior class portraits, my answer is that I will only photograph them if a pet is involved. It can be hard to turn away business, but I have to remember that I am branding myself as a unique pet photographer in the Kansas City area and ultimately I will have much more success by staying true to my style.

With that said, I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful senior student, Micalla, this past weekend at the Country Club Plaza. She brought along her furry pal Charlie who was rescued by the lovely Kelly Lange (animal rescue super star in the Kansas City community).

So if you are a senior in high school and looking for some unique portraits to celebrate this special time in your life, let me know!  If you are looking for posed, studio portraits, you will not find that with me. But, if you are interested in having a candid and fun photo session to cherish for years to come, please contact me at fixyourimages@hotmail.com!

I also snapped some shots of Kelly with her furry baby Charlie who she rescued from certain death at the Kansas City animal shelter. Kelly also volunteers at The Pet Connection, saves dogs from death row and donates her time as my photography assistant when I need someone to handle the adoptable dogs during  photo shoots.


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