Thursday, September 1, 2011

Harley, Jake & Belle - Labradors & Jack Russell Terrier - Photographing Multiple Dogs - Kansas City Dog & Pet Photography

Meet Harley, Jake and Belle! Harley and Belle are the beautiful water-loving labs and Jake is the Jack Russell Terrier and resident rodent & frog police. I was excited to visit their property on 8 acres in Platte City, complete with a large pond right in their backyard.  I do many on-location shoots in various places around Kansas City, but dogs are usually most comfortable when they are photographed at their own home in their true element.

Photographing multiple dogs at once can pose a challenge, but with persistence, patience and being downright stubborn, it is possible!  "Sit... Stay.... Staaaay......." as I back away slowly and situate my camera.  As soon as I back away, that's often when dogs decide to move and come to me anyways. Luckily I have an extreme amount of patience with furry creatures and will repeat the process until I am satisfied. Some people jokingly ask me if it takes 4 hours to do a shoot like this and my answer is no... still only takes me around an hour with multiple dog situations, however I would stay as long as necessary to ensure I have a variety of great shots. Here are some of my favorites from this session. Have a multiple pet family for me to photograph? E-mail!


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