Monday, September 19, 2011

Grandpa Griff the Brussels Griffon - The Ugly Truth about Puppy Mills - Kansas City Dog & Pet Photography

Grandpa Griff is a Brussels Griffon. One of the most adorable breeds in my opinion. Just try to look at his face without smiling... I dare you!
Bet you wouldn't realize that Grandpa Griff lived a horrid life of constant breeding in a puppy mill until it was determined that he was too old and not "useful" anymore.  He was rescued from the puppy mill and now lives a spoiled life with his Mommy Shannon and her two other furry babies. Grandpa (age 10) was one of the lucky ones that escaped the puppy mill with his life.

Visit the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation (MAAL) for more details about puppy mills and how you can play a part in preventing this problem. Some of the worst puppy mills in the country are located in Missouri. Click here for a full report on Missouri's "Dirty Dozen".

According to an article on, puppy mills are foul-smelling factories that produce puppies by the thousands with no care to their health, well-being or accuracy in marking registration papers. The dogs stay in wire cages, often stacked on top of each other, all of their lives. The cages and the animals are never cleaned. They never see a vet. They are bred indiscriminately, leading to very sickly animals. Common health concerns in these dogs include: Canine Parvovirus, Hip Dysplasia, Neurological Problems, Eye Problems and Blood Disorders.

Did you know that if you support Petland and other pet stores, there is a good chance those pets were bought from substandard puppy mills and they may have some of the health issues listed above. By supporting and buying these pets, you are consequently supporting the viscous puppy mill cycle. This is why I dedicate my life to photographing and advocating for dogs in a shelter and rescue environment who desperately need homes before they are euthanized due to space and because of startling pet overpopulation.

Grandpa Griff hopes you remember the truth about puppy mills and also enjoy the below photos from his session with me. He was an absolute delight and I couldn't help but want to squeeze his little face the entire time. Be sure to find this wise lad on Facebook too!

Um excuse me... did you know ducks are headed this way??!

HELP!! I said ducks are headed towards me!!!


Rachel said...

Such a charming little dog and PERFECT session. Love love love!

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