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Featured in Baxter Boo - A Photograph Can Save a Homeless Pets' Life - Kansas City Dog & Pet Photography

Here is a video I created to help promote adoption and encourage others to take better photos. A photo can make the difference in a homeless pets' life!

Featured in 
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They usually say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. But what if that picture was actually worth a life? Could it be possible that one simple picture can actually have such an impact that it could save a life?
Most of us don’t think about how much pictures change our perception. Take for example marketing. Next time you look through a glamour magazine, look at the makeup ads. Do you think that if the pictures of the models weren’t taken with such care, the company would actually sell as much as they do? Probably not. Good photographs are what drive sales.

The same concept is now being used to market rescues. Shelters all over are taking notice of just how much of an impact a good photo can have. Typically, shelters invest all their money into the health of the animal, so their digital cameras are in no way top notch. The bad pictures weren’t exactly reeling in the adoptive parents.
Several professional photographers have sat up and taken notice. There has been a spike of selfless, generous photographers that have lent their services to animal shelters in hopes of higher adoption rates. And guess what? It’s worked!

A Dallas, Texas photographer, Teresa Berg, has actually raised shelter adoption rates by 100%! Her efforts as a volunteer photographer took the shelter’s adoption rates through the roof.  Teresa started working directly with a dachshund rescue group and every dog she photographed was adopted in record time.

Dressing the dogs up in pearls and bows can make the difference between life and death. By seeing good photos of the animals, people can actually picture them in their home. Their sweet personalities and loving natures can be seen without having to meet the pooch in person. Switching the marketing from photos of dogs behind bars to dogs with smiling faces can make all the difference in the world.

Jennifer Hague, another volunteer photographer in Kansas City, has donated her services to help save our furry friends. Jennifer is persistent, shooting in temperatures as high as 100+ or as cold as negative 10. Nothing seems to stop this devoted volunteer to bring a voice to the abandoned. Devoting her time to photograph dogs at KC P.A.W.S.,

Jennifer finds great comfort in the fact that she can capture the innocent spirit, unconditional love, and unique personalities of dogs that would otherwise go unnoticed. By selflessly donating some of her time and camera skills, she has been able to save countless lives.

If every professional photographer found it in their heart to take up donating their camera time to just one shelter, think about all the dogs that could be saved! By simply switching the lighting and throwing on an accessory or two, pets could be more adoptable. A photo is worth more than a 1,000 words, it can be worth a life.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Hague


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