Friday, August 5, 2011

Smiles, Laughs & Raspberries - Some Faces Your Pet Might Make During a Photo Session - Kansas City Dog & Pet Photography

I find myself laughing out loud occasionally when I am processing photos from my pet sessions.  There is usually a priceless expression where I find myself imagining what they must have been thinking at that very moment. I may be silly, but I also like to "talk" for pets during photo sessions.  It seems to break the ice and comes naturally to me. So if you book a session with me, you may be in for quite an entertaining time. Here are a variety of funny expressions that will hopefully make your Friday a little more exciting!

"This-is-the-longest-week-ever!" face.

"Happy-but-comical" face.

"Two-paws-up for those yumm-o treats" face.

"You-would-be-this-happy-too-if-you-had-a-cupcake" face.

"Slobbery-kissey" face.

"If-we-smile-can-we-get-some-treats?" face.

"What-if-I-smile-really-big?" face... will that help me get a treat faster?

"My-momma-is-so-much-fun" face.

"Are-you-seriously-going-to-take-one-more-photo?" face.

"Wooohoooooo-I-love-my-life" face.

"Generally-displeased" face.

"Oops-I-got-caught-bonding-with-the-cat" face.

"I-can-stick-out-my-tongue & smile" face.

"You-cant-make-me-smile, but-oops-I-did-anyways" face.

"I-mean-business" face.

"Is-this-going-to-end-up-embarrassing-me-online-at-a-later-date?" face.


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