Monday, August 1, 2011

Rest in Peace Sweet Patton, the Miniature Schnauzer - Coping with the Loss of a Pet - Kansas City Dog & Pet Photography

My heart broke when I learned our dear friend's Schnauzer, Patton, had passed away last night from old age. He held on until his Daddy came home and was talking & laying with him. Patton gently passed over to the rainbow bridge during this time. It amazes me how strong our pets are, even until the very end. They want so badly never to abandon us, but they want to ensure we have comfort when that time comes and will not let go until they feel they have properly said goodbye.

Patton was 17 years old and lived such a long and happy life.  When we were first introduced to Patton, we were intrigued by the Schnauzer breed and characteristics. We later decided to finally make the plunge into puppy parenthood and only chose a Schnauzer because of how much we enjoyed Patton and began to research the breed. Patton (Patty) was a precious, sweet little boy who was as spoiled as every dog should hope to be and always made us smile. We thank you Patty because you are the reason we found such joy with our Remington. You will be greatly missed and we love you.

Your Pets In Heaven •  Ken D. Conover

To have loved and then said farewell, is better than to have never loved at all. For all of the times that you have stooped and touched my head, fed me my favorite treat and returned the love that I so unconditionally gave to you. For the care that you gave to me so unselfishly. For all of these things I am grateful and thankful.

I ask that you not grieve for the loss, but rejoice in the fact that we lived, loved and touched each others lives. My life was fuller because you were there, not as a master/owner, but as my FRIEND.

Today I am as I was in my youth. The grass is always green, butterflies flit among the flowers and the Sun shines gently down upon all of God's creatures. I can run, jump, play and do all of the things that I did in my youth. There is no sickness, no aching joints and no regrets and no aging.

We await the arrival of our lifelong companions and know that togetherness is forever. You live in our hearts as we do in yours. Companions such as you are so rare and unique. Don't hold the love that you have within yourself. Give it to another like me and then I will live forever. For love never really dies, and you are loved and missed as surely as we are.

Patton's famous half-smile-messy-beard expression.

Remington and Patty hanging out!

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. This is not Murphy and Remington although they sure do look similar! This is Patton with poodle brother Griffon.

Here are some candid shots from when Dan and I were doggy sitting for Patton and his brother Griffon in 2008. This was before we had Remington and as you can see, we were already experiencing that Schnauzer love!


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Very sweet tribute to such a darling and precious dog/companion.

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