Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Photographing Cats is Not Impossible - Kansas City Dog, Cat & Pet Photography

I always feel very confident and in control when I am photographing dogs... but cats are not quite as predictable and are much more independent. While I can usually manage to wrangle and instruct dogs to do exactly what I hope for, cats tend to do as they please.  And I have learned that treats, crazy noises and toys aren't going to entice them any quicker.  During my recent feline photo shoot, I tried yummy kitty treats, dangling their favorite toys and even tuna, but in the end I just had to be patient and capture them in their element without being pushy.  So with that said, if you have a cat you think would be impossible to photograph, e-mail me at It is possible with some patience and persistence, I promise!

I photographed Allie and Gator last weekend, both 14 years young. Here is Allie enjoying some tuna that lured them both outside!

And here is Gator. I was cautioned that he is extremely shy and not very fond of people, but I managed to capture him anyways! I am quite whether it takes minutes or hours, I am in this until I am sure I have some quality shots.


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