Friday, August 26, 2011

Three Dog Bakery + Country Club Plaza + Bella DOG Magazine - Kansas City Dog, Cat & Pet Photography

FixYourImages Photography & Three Dog Bakery Featured in Bella DOG Magazine, Summer 2011

In Kansas City, Missouri there is a place called Country Club Plaza where local photographer, Jennifer Hague, owner of spent the day checking out all of the “Doggie Encouraged” hot spots. In the next several pages we’ll follow her to The Three Dog Bakery, The Classic Cup CafĂ©, McCormick & Schmick’s, The Cheesecake Factory, Tivol, Hemline Boutique, and The Doggie Style Bowtique where dogs are definitely encouraged! The Country Club Plaza’s popularity and reputation has been recognized around the country. The entire 15-block district, with more than 150 shops and dozens of fine restaurants, makes it Kansas City’s premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination for people AND their dogs. This upscale open air shopping area is located in south of downtown Kansas City. Your well behaved, leashed dog is allowed to join you on the sidewalks of the shopping district at anytime. The individual store owners make the choice whether dogs are allowed in their shops and will let you know if you and your furry shopping partner are welcomed in.

Three Dog Bakery In 1989, three dogs, two guys and one 59¢ biscuit cutter joined forces to create Three Dog Bakery - the world’s original bakery for dogs. Thanks to dog lovers everywhere, they’ve grown from a bare-bones tabletop beginning to one of the nation’s leading producers of all-natural foods and treats for dogs. Three Dog Bakery set the standard for producing ultra premium dog food and treats dedicated to the health and well being of our furry friends. They select the best quality all natural ingredients to ensure that dogs are healthy and happy. They are committed to slow oven baking because when food is oven-baked it locks in the flavor and nutrients, which is the key to the success of their products. The Three Dog Bakery is a unique experience for dogs and their owners and it’s hard to say who enjoys visiting their stores more! Three Dog Bakery provides a “paw”some environment for people who are looking for all things dog; all natural gourmet pastries, premium dog treats and dog food, toys, and accessories.

At this particular Three Dog Bakery location, there is a special event held called “Dog’s Night Out” where the Bakery shop Bakery shop teams up with a local restaurant that can provide an outdoor seating area for a doggie dinner party! The doggies are served up a 4 course meal while their person orders off of the restaurant’s normal menu. Appetizer’s include: “chow wow cheese pizzas”, “muttacati” and “corgi canolis”! Pre-registration is required and is $15.00 per dog. A portion of the net proceeds benefit their foundation that helps neglected and abused animals. Find out more by visiting their website.

Three Dog Bakery
612 W. 48th Street
Kansas City, Missouri
(816) 753-3647

And if you didn't already know the story behind Three Dog Bakery, please read Amazing Gracie! I loved this book.  From By turns funny, moving, tender, and inspiring, Gracie's tale is a treat for every dog lover. There is Gracie's first morning, racing around Dan in the snowy yard. Gracie's first determination to prove to her step-sisters, Dottie the Dalmation and Sarah the Black Lab, that she's one of the girls. Gracie's defiant romance with a pint-size charmer named Byron, a Boston Terrier from the wrong side of the fence. Then born of necessity, the eureka moment: When Gracie's delicate constitution starts turning into anorexia, Dan teaches himself how to cook, and in three days is baking her the cookies that will spur her appetite, launch Three Dog Bakery, and transform their lives forever.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Photographing Cats is Not Impossible - Kansas City Dog, Cat & Pet Photography

I always feel very confident and in control when I am photographing dogs... but cats are not quite as predictable and are much more independent. While I can usually manage to wrangle and instruct dogs to do exactly what I hope for, cats tend to do as they please.  And I have learned that treats, crazy noises and toys aren't going to entice them any quicker.  During my recent feline photo shoot, I tried yummy kitty treats, dangling their favorite toys and even tuna, but in the end I just had to be patient and capture them in their element without being pushy.  So with that said, if you have a cat you think would be impossible to photograph, e-mail me at It is possible with some patience and persistence, I promise!

I photographed Allie and Gator last weekend, both 14 years young. Here is Allie enjoying some tuna that lured them both outside!

And here is Gator. I was cautioned that he is extremely shy and not very fond of people, but I managed to capture him anyways! I am quite whether it takes minutes or hours, I am in this until I am sure I have some quality shots.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Brian & Thurmie - Photographing Pets in the Heat, Cold or Rain - Kansas City Dog & Pet Photography

I met a lovely woman last winter, along with her kind boyfriend and adorable furry kids. She had been following my work for months on Facebook and lives 3 1/2 hours (one way) from me, but was willing to drive that far so I could capture her precious little Thurmie & Brian. She scheduled a shoot during the Winter, which is normally fine for some cute snow shots.  Little did we know it was going to be a brutal negative 10 degree wind chill on the day of her shoot. But I am not one to give up easily and can get through a photo shoot no matter what you throw at me. So we fought the cold, managed to avoid hypothermia and somehow I captured some memorable images for her even in that bitter cold. This woman, Devri, is much more than a client now, but is my friend, my #1 fan and constant cheerleader, motivator and a source of powerful encouragement in my journey as a pet photographer.

So let's just say I was beyond excited to photograph her family for the second time this summer. She booked in August, thinking surely there could be no issues with weather in that month!  But, we had to fight mother nature once again.  It started out an extremely dreary and rainy day... but Devri had already driven up here the night before.. so there was no turning back now! Rain or shine, this photo shoot was happening. I am very adamant that all my photos be taken outside with natural light only, but I needed a Plan B and decided to use my guest bedroom as a fun opportunity to try out an idea I had been cooking up.

And then, what do you know... the rain cleared up and even though the grass and bench seating in my backyard was soggy, we still made it work! Don't mess with me, mother nature. I will win when it comes to pet photo shoots!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Shaina + Paisley - Kansas City Dog & Pet Photography - Country Club Plaza

One of the biggest concerns I hear from potential clients is they fear their pet will not cooperate during a photo session. Some even think their pets could never have a photo session with a stranger because of their personality.  Let me tell you, when I say I have seen it all, I mean it! And it works out fabulously every time, regardless of the dog's breed, personality, age, health or temperament.  As an experienced animal rescue volunteer, I have absolutely interacted with a variety of shy, terrified and extremely energetic pets, but they all allowed me to photograph them and were comfortable with me. Luckily for my clients, I have an extreme amount of patience with animals. I learned rather quickly that my love for furry creatures overpowers everything and I never feel an ounce of frustration towards the pets I photograph, no matter what obstacles present themselves.

Dogs LOVE to explore, especially when they are in a new and exciting place. (i.e., photo shoot spots)  While your pet may appear they aren't cooperating to the best of their ability, I promise you they are!  I can't count how many times a client has asked me if their dog was the worst behaved dog that I have ever photographed. I just smile and assure them they will be pleased when they see what my lens does. Just read Shaina's experience below for more reassurance and enjoy viewing her fun photo shoot on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City!

Do you have a pet you think would be a challenge for me to photograph? I dare you to e-mail me and inquire about booking a session! I know you will not regret it!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Going with Grace Discounted Pet Photo Packages for Senior Pets & Nearing the Rainbow Bridge - Coping with Canine Mast Cell Cancer - Kansas City Dog & Pet Photography

I may be a pet photographer who has a business to run, but my heart rules over my head when it comes to animals. I am extremely empathetic when I learn about anyone with a sick or aging pet who doesn't have much time left with us. I too know the unbearable pain of losing a pet and can greatly sympathize with what you are going through. So, I decided to offer a new package to clients called "Going with Grace".   This is a highly discounted package for any senior (10 years or older) pet or those that are terminally ill or close to nearing the rainbow bridge. It is my hope that during what can be a traumatic time, I can help ease the pain by photographing your special furry child and capturing their true spirit and unique personality.  The "Going with Grace" intentions are not to be a depressing and melancholy session, but rather a celebration of your pet's life and bond with you. I can almost guarantee you will be laughing and smiling right along with me.  When I meet a client's dog for the first time, they immediately stamp a little pawprint on my heart. I bond with them, talk to them frequently and do some pretty silly things to capture their interest. I have always felt an undeniable connection with dogs and this helps greatly in my ability to capture all of those expressions that only you might know your pet to exhibit. I also insist that my client's be photographed along with their pet in some of the shots even if they prefer not to... because they always tell me they were thankful I did. E-mail me at to find out more details and book your "Going with Grace" session.

Sweet Maddie was photographed this weekend.  She was diagnosed with Mast Cell Cancer and has been holding strong for a few years, but her Mommy wanted to have her photographed before they moved away from the Kansas City area. She was such a joy to meet and interact with. We photographed her at their favorite spot.... the Berkley Riverfront Park in the downtown/City Market area.