Monday, May 23, 2011

Rocky the Miniature Schnauzer & Black Dog Syndrome - Kansas City Dog & Pet Photography

Two important things to note from my recent client photo shoot:

1. Rocky is an adorable miniature schnauzer!! And we all know, being an owner of the most spoiled miniature schnauzer EVER, this breed totally melts my heart!!

2. Rocky is a black dog. Did you know black dogs are one of the most overlooked dog in rescues and shelters? It's called Black Dog Syndrome and yes, it's real. Some people believe perhaps it's a superstitious thing or just the fact that dogs this color happen to blend in with the cages because of the poor lighting conditions in shelters. Regardless of the reason, please spread awareness and help black dogs become more noticed and adopted!!

Some of my favorites from the session include Rocky who modeled (hesitantly) on this rock with the small pond in the background. Notice I said hesitantly, because most miniature schnauzers are not a fan of the water!

This was what Rocky thought of having to model on this hard, uncomfortable rock. The things a dog will let me do for a great photo!

Sometimes they like to show some tongue....

or not....

I love the schnauzer profile. Very dignified!

Oooh, there's that cute little tongue again.


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