Monday, April 4, 2011

The Paw Wash - A Cure for Dirty Doggy Paws - Kansas City Dog & Pet Photography

About the Paw Wash
The inventor of the Paw Wash, Katie Mulich, has an inspiring and remarkable story of ingenuity that was not contrived or copied by typical market forces that bring thousands of products to the market today. The Paw Wash was invented to address a need Katie with her dog Sadie unexpectedly encountered early in her life. Just a sixth grader at the time the idea was conceived, Katie was playing with her Lab/German Shepherd mix Sadie one fall day when she became frustrated with the standard ways to try and clean Sadie up before allowing her back into the house. Sadie’s paws never seemed to get 100% clean and the hoses, buckets, and towels she used were clunky and ineffective. She asked herself, “why not build a paw washing machine for Sadie?” So she did. The timing was perfect for her to incubate, develop, and then test her idea through a school science project with an open topic choice for the students. Needless to say, Katie received an “A” on her project and the Paw Wash was born.

The Paw Wash Process
The beauty of the Paw Wash is its simplistic design and ease of use for cleaning your dog’s paws. Other paw wash products are clumsy and confusing to use for you and your pet. With the Paw Wash, in just four simple steps, your dog’s paws are ready for the house.

Step #1: Fill the Paw Wash with water and a mild soap or other pet safe enzyme-based cleanser.

Step #2: Insert your dog’s paw into the container and create the water bursting action by moving the Paw Wash up and down the paw.

Step #3: Remove the paw through our unique Squeegee top. Pat dry.

Step #4: Repeat for each muddy paw as listed above.

Order Info
The Paw Wash will contribute $1 from every order to benefit a local Animal Shelter, Wayside Waifs! Click here to order your Paw Wash today!

• Large Breed Paw Wash with Mitt- $19.99 plus shipping

• Small Breed Paw Wash with Mitt - $17.99 plus shipping

Contact Info
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Remigton here... yes, I may appear to be extremely innocent, but I have a secret... I like to play in the dirt and mud outside in the back yard. Especially when Mommy and Daddy aren't looking. In fact, that's really my main goal when I go outside. How much dirt can I actually step in and get away with? Sometimes they put booties on my paws... but that can be a hassle all throughout the year! So, I tried out The Paw Wash system and I approve. I say every doggy owner should buy one if it means you can still play in the mud and get dirty!!

Stick dirty paw into container... swish around soapy water, pull paw out and suctions dry. Hmmmm, easy enough!

Don't forget your paw wash microfiber mitt too!


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