Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Patrick the Miracle Update - Starved & Dumped Pit Bull Defies All Odds, Survives Extreme Animal Abuse - Kansas City Dog and Pet Photography

For anyone that has been following the story of Patrick.... this blog post is an update, showing new photos and the amazing progress this furry hero has shown the world. Now weighing in at 36 lbs, Patrick just underwent a procedure to have a mass removed from his stomach. The mass was successfully removed and ended up being made up of hair... and under speculation that it was from the hair weave of his "owner," eaten in desperation from being starved. Patrick was also neutered while under anesthesia and given a teeth cleaning as well. He is recovering wonderfully and on his way to a whole new life.

Background: Patrick is a beautiful Pit Bull who was inhumanely starved for months and eventually found inside a trash bag, thrown down a garbage chute and left for dead. A bystander eventually noticed the trash bag move just a little.... and inside they found a skeleton of a dog. One of the worst cases of cruelty that anyone had ever seen.

But, the miracle of the story? Patrick wasn't dead. Being starved for months did not kill him. Being suffocated in a trash bag did not kill him. Being thrown 19 stories into the garbage did not kill him. He was rushed to the amazing people at GSVS Pet Hospital in New Jersey where he received an immediate blood transfusion and somehow made it through the night. This is a story of the reprehensible truth of animal cruelty in this word. This is a story of the will to live. This is a story meant to create change. Patrick survived for a very specific reason. He was the chosen one to represent ALL animal cruelty, to help open everyone's eyes and to outrage us all enough to make a difference so other defenseless animals do not have to go through the same pain and suffering.

This is Patrick when he first arrived. Graphic... yes, I know. But we have to see the truth before we can create change. It still blows my mind that a dog in this condition... this deplorable condition defied all odds and SURVIVED!!

Patrick, today with an important message. (photos courtesy of GSVS)

Patrick the Miracle's story is on Facebook where his page has nearly 100,000 supporters and climbing.

Information from

Newark, New Jersey - Kisha Curtis, 28 of Newark was charged with two criminal counts of abandonment and two civil counts of failure to provide sustenance to an animal in the case of a starving one-year-old pit bull mix found inside of an apartment building's garbage chute. Patrick, as the "miracle dog" was named by his rescuers, in honor of his survival on St. Patrick's Day, was found in a garbage bag by maintenance workers at the 550 unit complex Garden Spires apartments. Donations have come in from all over the world including Australia, Italy, Greece, France, and the United Kingdom.

Representatives from the Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park state Patrick's case is one of the worst cases of animal abuse and neglect they have ever seen. Veterinarians, who originally examined Patrick said if the dog had not been discovered when he was, the dog would have died in just a few more hours.

Here are some photos of Patrick's progress, courtesy of the angels on earth at GSVS Pet Hospital.

The hair mass that was removed from his stomach.

Celebrating his re-birth!

His daily check ups.

He does look striking in orange!

Enjoying the view.

Oh the many gifts he is being showered with!

Making the news!

Opening more gifts make Patrick sleepy!

His Lucky Dog shirt.

And most recently, giving some kisses to Pat Scavelli, Administrator of GSVS, wife of Dr. Tom Scavelli. We can all learn something from Patrick and that is to have unconditional love and forgiveness in our hearts. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all sweet boy. May you continue to recover and be blessed to find your forever family to love you more and more every day.


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