Monday, March 28, 2011

Nene the Pit Bull - Kansas City Dog & Pet Photography

Nene the Pit Bull will be featured in the June/July issue of Kansas City Fitness Magazine. I was able to write an article and photograph Nene and Britton Hunter and also Mix 93.3 radio personality Jenny Matthews and her puppy Oscar for the first pets/excercise feature in this magazine. Available around June 10 at Barnes and Nobles, Walmart, Hy-Vee and Borders!

From Britton about Nene: Although I grew up with pets, I went many years as an adult without my own companion due to living in a "no pets" condo. When I eventually moved and had the freedom to own a pet, I decided to adopt. I searched on Petfinder only once and quickly saw a photo of an absolutely darling American Pit Bull Terrier puppy named Renee. MABBR brought her for a home visit and immediately after, I adopted her. The first evening "Nene" and I spent together, it was miraculously clear to both of us that we had found who we were meant to be with - Even immediately after adopting her, neither one of us would have felt right without the other. I love her dearly and it really is clear she feels the same. I'm so grateful to the rescue group for giving her a chance at a good life and for giving me such a beautiful, loyal and dear companion.

As a Pit Bull advocate, I urge you to meet and interact with the breed before you form an inaccurate stereotype. The MABBR has many Pit Bulls who are available for adoption. Open your heart and spread the word please.


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