Thursday, March 3, 2011

Featured in Metro Pet Magazine & Boomeroos - Kansas City Dog & Pet Photography

I am excited to announce my Remington is now the featured model on the updated Boomeroos ad that will appear in the March issue of Metro Pet Magazine! As you may know, Remington will sit and stay on command for long periods, especially when he sees the camera is around. He is quite trained to withstand long moments of cooperating with me and the camera before he gets his deserving treats. Remington, you are a star! The best furry friend I could have ever asked for. Thank you for being the inspiration behind my pet photography!

Metro Pet Magazine
Metro Pet Magazine is the Pet Owners Resource! MetroPet Magazine was created to provide information and education to pet parents in the Kansas City and surrounding area. MetroPet magazine promotes better relationships between people and their animal companions through education. Articles in MetroPet magazine are written by professionals in the pet industry including nutritionists, veterinarians, groomers, trainers, etc. MetroPet also provides information about rescue and shelter groups and upcoming and past events. MetroPet is a high-quality, glossy magazine published ten times a year and reaches an average of 60,000+ readers each issue. Pick-up your copy at our pick-up locations listed here.

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Boomeroos are custom collegiate fleece doggy jackets and Baby Boomeroos are the newest release which are beautiful, soft baby blankets. Designs are licensed and come in K-State and KU, MU or ISU themes, along with a standard paw print theme. Boomeroos was created thanks to Barbara's furry inspiration and rescued Shitzu Boomer. This sweet boy had been in a puppy mill for the first four years of his life. When Barbara brought him home with her, he wasn't sure how to even take a step, was extremely shy, not potty trained, hesitant of treats and didn’t really know his name. Now, after one year, he has overcome these obstacles and loves trotting up and down the steps, enjoys affection, is potty trained and understands the concept of treats, but is still a bit picky in that department! Boomer now has the loving life he deserves and is pampered at the pet spa every six weeks for his grooming.

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