Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Power of Social Networking to Help Save Dogs - Kansas City Dog Photography

Did you know you could help save a dogs life just by re-posting and sharing their picture and story on Facebook, your blog or even through a simple e-mail? I know it seems overwhelming because no matter how hard we all try, it is nearly impossible to save every dog from being euthanized. According to the ASPCA, approximately 8-12 million companion animals enter shelters nationwide every year & approximately 5-9 million are euthanized. Five out of ten dogs in shelters and seven out of ten cats in shelters are destroyed simply because there is no one to adopt them. Even with these startling facts in mind, we can ALL still make a difference. Just by sharing information with our networks, you would be amazed at how much exposure this brings to helpless animals who are in desperate need of a loving home and being saved from an unfair death. You will never know the difference you could make if you don't try. So, help save a life today and share this blog post with your friends.

All of these dogs pictured below are on the critical list at Halfway Home Pet Adoptions and must be rescued, adopted or fostered before 4:00 pm on Friday, February 11.

For more information you may call the shelter directly using the information listed below.

Halfway Home Pet Adoptions
4400 Raytown Road
Kansas City, MO 64129
(816) 921-0201

Halfway Home Pet Adoptions serves as the open intake shelter for Kansas City Missouri. HWH takes in approximately 9,000 animals each year. The facility is structurally decades past its expiration date and has limited space. The amount of time each animal has before possible euthanasia varies. The longest-term residents are at the greatest risk. Friends of HWH sends out “urgent lists” via e-mail which include long-timers and/or animals critically in need. By accepting these e-mails and then forwarding them to others, greater numbers of potential adopters can view animals in need, and they in turn will spread the word by forwarding to their contacts. Networking works! If you would like to accept weekly Urgent Lists, please send an email to .

Another way to help is to join the below "Urgent Part 2" page on Facebook where dogs are posted daily who need desperate help to be saved.

You can also join my Facebook business page at as I have many rescue contacts and am always posting adoptable dogs that I photograph, in addition to various other urgent dogs in the Kansas City area.

All photos below courtesy of Halfway Homes Pet Adoptions.




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