Monday, December 6, 2010

Why I love you Remington - Kansas City Dog Photography

If you have been following my work for awhile, you probably know that Remington is my furry best friend, my inspiration and daily model. I grew up with Lhasas Apsos all through my childhood, but Remington is the first dog I've had on my own and he has taught me many life lessons and brought me so much joy! Just a few reasons why I love you, Remington:

You humor me during my photo antics. You even attempted to smile here. You are so smart!

You love me unconditionally.

You sense when I am upset or had a bad day and lay your head on my lap just when I need that.

You let me dress you in these ridiculous sweaters.

You give me your full, undivided attention. Well, unless a bird, butterfly or leaf distracts you.

You are quite wise and reflective for your age.

You are my fur baby Remington... and I love everything about you... yes, even when you play in the mud outside, dig up our bed of rocks and come to the door with a dirty beard and paws.


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