Monday, November 22, 2010

Riley, Hailey & Springer - Kansas City Dog Photography

This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the adorable Leslie and her amazing three doggies, Hailey, Springer and Riley! Leslie was a bit nervous about a photo session since two of her Doxies are older and one is blind, and Riley is still a young, energetic pup. I assured her that I had seen it all, especially having experience with dogs at rescues and shelters with every personality and background you can imagine. The photo session ended up going very smoothly! It definitely doesn't hurt that I come armed with yummy treats! Thank you for choosing me to document your precious furry babies, Leslie. It was a joy!

Meet Hailey, the long haired Doxie! She is 12 years old and completely blind... but I would have never known the difference, as well as she got around and used her other senses!

Meet Riley! How can you not love that face???

Meet Springer, another long haired Doxie. She is also 12 years old and such a sweetheart!

As it turns out, modeling works up quite the thirst!

Gotta love that drool!

Hailey: Are you wondering the same thing I am?
Springer: Yeah, I want some more treats or I think I am just about done here!

Treats pleeeeease!


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