Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Tails: Belle the Boxer's Rescue Story - Kansas City Dog Photography

I love happy endings and the story of Belle the Boxer is a very special "happy tail". I met and photographed Belle's sweet face at KC PAWS a couple weeks ago. She did not even seem to realize she had a tumor the size of a grapefruit hanging from her shoulder. Generous donations came in to help with the surgery costs to remove this mass. Then I learned that one of my Facebook followers (secretly an angel in disguise) found Belle online and here is the story from her eyes:

Friday, November 5th I was home sick with a cold. I was in bed surfing the animal sites, cuddling my 15 month old boxer when I saw the cutest face with the words URGENT next to her. BELLE was her name. She was found with a cancerous tumor and they needed donations for surgery. We both decided that we wanted to donate to her surgery in memory of Sadie. We met Belle on Monday and took her a little care package and had lots of fun at PAWS. We had no plans on getting another dog as we have the fresh wounds of our two senior boxers passing away recently. We actually thought we could go donate, meet her, and leave. We gave the dogs treats and spent time getting to know Belle. We were hook, line, and sinker right then. She reminded us of our first boxer that recently passed away, Sadie, who was extremely special to us.

Sadie was the dog who made us fur parents. We had her for 12 years and she got us to fall in love with the boxer breed. After Sadie, we adopted Axe from a kill shelter, then Sarge was dumped as a 12 week old puppy. We have had lots of boxer experience from the young to the silver boxers. We love their funny personalities, their ability to become your fur kids, and the heavy duty paperweights they are that hold down your beds and couches. Belle was found by a lovely, awesome animal lover, Romy, that we met at PAWS the following Wednesday to introduce Sarge and Belle. They got along well considering Sarge has the adorable laid back personality of Eeyore. We kept in touch with Romy and later adopted Belle. Romy met us at the vet Friday the 12th after Belle's successful surgery.

She is adapting very well. She loves the beds, the couch, bones, treats, and dog food! She has some food aggression that we are working on, probably from having to find her own food when she was on her own. She doesn't always seem to think Sarge should eat. Sarge can't wait to play with her after her wound fully heals. She is gaining self esteem and confidence with crate training periods and reinforcement of love and trust. She is so wonderful. My husband Tim and I share our queen bed with two very gassy boxers! WOW! She went for shots today and got her stitches reinforced. She is wearing a t-shirt to keep her from licking her wound. She did not care for "the cone of shame!" The pathology from her mass will stage her cancer this week. Hopefully it will be a stage one or two. Prognosis of stage three is about a year. She has two little cysts we are watching now and will re evaluate in one month. She will get spayed in about one month when she is fully recovered. We are devoted to the best care and home she can have no matter how long she is with us. We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed for good news. She has brought lots of joy and love to us already.


Cancerous mass removed!

The ride home...

Looking out the window the second day home after surgery....brighter days ahead.

Her care package...

Finding comfortable spots around her new home...


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