Monday, November 1, 2010

Baxter + Roscoe - Kansas City Dog Photography

This beautiful Fall weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Baxter and Roscoe, an adorable pair of Dachshunds. Their Mommy informed me later that this photo shoot was very special to her because she had lost her husband to brain cancer earlier in the year and these dogs were very special to him as well. When I hear stories such as this one, it does warm my heart to realize that I am helping preserve such important and special memories for my clients. By the end of my photo sessions, I always feel that I have gained a new friend and fall in love with their furry children too. I am very blessed to be following my heart and passion and doing something I love so much. Thank you again for choosing me to document your wonderful boys, Jennifer!

Meet Baxter, the Wire-hair Dachshund!

And meet Roscoe, the Short-hair Daushund!

Roscoe: Do you think we are done yet?
Baxter: No, I don't think so. Maybe if we pretend not to look in the camera, she will stop.

Baxter decided modeling was quite exhausting and needed to rest his weary head on his buddy for just a moment.

Can you believe Mom put us in these ugly Christmas sweaters? Besides, it's not even November yet!

Two paws up for Jen's treats!!!

Oops, had to censor this one!


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