Friday, October 29, 2010

You Are Under Arrest - Hand Over Those Treats! - Kansas City Dog Photography

Happy Halloween weekend everyone! Remington wanted to dress up (OK, I made him dress up and he allowed me to because he loves me). As many of you know, Remington goes to doggy daycare every week and his report cards (yes I said report cards) usually say that he keeps everyone in line and shows the new doggies around and helps them learn the ropes. Taking this into consideration, I found it only made sense for Remington to be the Pet Police this year. He proudly wore this getup, with a billy club tied around his collar and won 1st place for Cute as a Button in the Pawz at Play Doggy Daycare's costume contest. Wooohooo, made a mommy proud!

Look out everyone, you are under arrest if you don't hand over those treats!

See, he isn't kidding... licking his lips in anticipation of those treats he wants to confiscate.

Being a schnauzer, he naturally looks so serious.... with those eyebrows and beard. He means business!


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