Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Harley, Cash & Kendell - Kansas City Dog Photography

I had such a fun session this past weekend at Legler Barn Museum! It was the perfect, beautiful Fall day, spent with an adorable couple Molly & Casey and their just as adorable three furry children.

First up, Cash! He was rescued from a shelter and is a little cautious of strangers, Molly told me. But, he actually really warmed up to me very quickly, much to Molly's surprise! That felt good to know because this is the reason I am a dog photographer.... because of my special connection with four-legged furry kids!

Next up, Kendell. Now, she really loved me. But I think my treats were the cause for that! She totally looooooooved my goodies and would follow me anywhere with that sweet face asking for more pleeeeease.

And meet Harley, the senior of the bunch! What a sweetheart. He seemed a little disinterested in my crazy photo antics, but he humored me regardless.

And the adorable whole family! It is definitely not as easy as I make it look to get everyone looking at the camera... especially multiple doggies! I probably take atleast 30 snaps of each group photo just in case I need to manipulate multiple photos into one perfect one! Did I manipulate this one? That is my secret... you tell me!

Molly told me later that Casey had not exactly been looking forward to a doggy photo shoot day, but I think he ended up really enjoying it! Just look at how much fun he is having! Who says men can't enjoy photo sessions?

Seriously, my new favorite image of 2010. Looks like it could be in a magazine for a joyous doggy advertisement!

Two PAWS UP for Jen's treats!

I will complete the post with this photo because it makes me smile... and Kendell is smiling at me too! Thank you for choosing me to document your precious furry children, Molly! I enjoyed every moment of it!


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