Friday, September 24, 2010

Pet Paintings by Ashley Corbello - Kansas City Dog Photography

Ashley Corbello is a very talented and local artist, specializing in pet paintings. She is my guest blogger for today! Enjoy!

I have been painting since high school and have always had a love of art and animals. I was raised on a farm in Louisiana, so we always had lots of pets. However I didn't start pursuing pet paintings until a few years ago. After painting my brother in-law's dog as a Christmas gift, my dad encouraged me to start painting other's pets. Because lots of people love their dogs and are willing to commemorate them in a special way. I made flyers and started leaving them in pet stores in the Kansas City area and then eventually grew to attending dog walks that benefit local shelters. The more I paint other's pets, the more I love it.

Every time I create a new piece, I meet another person that is as passionate about pets as I am. It makes me happy to know that other people love their pets like I do and even consider them their children. What makes my paintings unique is that it is not always just replicating the photo. Each person can choose from various backgrounds that not only represents my style as an artist, but theirs as an individual as well. I like to give people the chance to have input on colors or styles that they like to make each painting that much more personal.

The process is simple: E-mail a photo of your pet to and let me know your preferences for color or background. If you don't have any, that's okay too. Then I will create a painting from your photo and suggest and send a preview when it's finished. If the client is happy with the painting, we arrange for shipping/delivery or if something needs to be changed I can change it.

Pricing details can be found on Ashley's website here.
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