Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pearl the Amazing Kitty - Kansas City Pet Photography

Meet Pearl! This beautiful kitty has quite the story. It all began when Pearl's momma arrived at the driveway of my friend Kate's. Momma cat appeared very pleased when she had gotten Kate's attention. She then led Kate to a spot under her neighbor's deck where all her baby kitties were, as if pleading to Kate to please help her. Kate retrieved all the kittens from under the deck and took momma home who was not doing well. After a trip to the Vet ER, it was determined that she was starving and the kittens were taking all of her nutrients. Sadly, Momma cat went into cardiac arrest at the vet's later and she passed away. Luckily, the vet advised they had a feral cat that had just been spayed and had weaned her kittens recently. That feral momma cat ended up taking these kittens as her own and nursed them for 2 weeks, making them healthy enough to be adopted. It was advised that one of the kitties would probably not live due to neurological issues, so Kate being the amazing person she is, chose to keep her against the odds. And here you have it... Pearl, 2 years later and healthy! This is proof that everything does happen for a reason and we can all make a difference if we put forth the effort and try. Thank you for being fabulous Kate!

Pearl and Gracie the Schnoodle get along quite nicely... Oh I love a little doggy/kitty love.

Whew, modeling is exhausting! Time for bed! Sometimes I feel the same way, Pearl!


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