Monday, September 20, 2010

Norder/Osborne Wedding - MOH + Photographer - Kansas City Wedding Photography

The big day finally arrived! Saturday marked the day my dearest friend Lisa married her best friend Ryan. Lisa and I have known each other 20 years since we were kids riding the same school bus together. After we "officially" became friends and after sharing a close bond for many years, I had always hoped to be her maid of honor and I am so honored that she chose me to stand by her side. I was also up for the challenge of being her wedding photographer too. Lisa said I made it look easy.... but it was far from simple! I took MOH very seriously and wanted to ensure I was there for every moment on her special day, but not always from behind the lens either. My wedding photography style is very documentary, as I like to tell a story with a series of photos. It was pretty tough to narrow down my favorites for this blog post, but here it goes!

The little details....

Fabulous hair compliments of Sarina of Salon Treo.

The glowing bride.... (who by the way remained completely at ease and still incredibly happy even when it began raining right before we were going to begin taking photos and throughout the outdoor ceremony. I can't say many brides would have been that way!)

The first look..... which I LOVE!

Ryan is going to cry... LOVE!!

Some more of the adorable little flower girl, Chase.

I was loving the overcast skies and breeze, with her veil blowing in the wind. Total fairytale.

Where the ceremony was supposed to happen.... Went with Plan B and luckily there was a covered deck area that was used instead.

Lisa getting some assistance.... you probably don't need to know the details! Ha!

Trying to bustle this complicated dress!

Even the groom was helping... what a guy!

When the rain stopped briefly after the ceremony, I had Ryan and Lisa run outside so I could take some quick shots on these stairs that I loved, showing the National building and their beautiful golf course.

Dancing the night away...

I will end with this photo because it makes me smile... and shows them as husband and wife walking into the rest of their future together. Congratulations again you two! I so enjoyed being a part of your special day and will remember this day forever.


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