Monday, September 13, 2010

Lola the Yorkie - Kansas City Dog Photography

I smiled immediately when I saw this picture during my editing process. It seems I am known for capturing doggy smiles, cute tongues and even laughs and I believe this would appear to fall into the laugh category. Either I am quite hysterical or the doggies just humor me! Meet Lola, the incredibly adorable Yorkie. I was in love with this 4 pound furry sweetheart at first sight!

And some bonding with Mom...

Lucky for me, there were some kiddos playing with a kazoo nearby and the noise really sparked Lola's attention! (Note to self... buy a kazoo for future doggy photo shoots. Ha!)

Look at this gorgeous fur! What a model!

And notice the adorable hot pink rhinestone collar.

More bonding with Mom.... one of my favorite parts of a photo session is capturing the love between owner and pet, especially when the owner does not realize it! Shhh, I am sneaky!

Moooooom.... are we done yet?

Because I am exhausted! It's hard work looking this cute. Really it is.


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