Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fashionista Digs For Your Pampered Pooch - Guest Post by E. Shaina + Paisley Aven

As we sat in the dimly lit garage we chatted over the events of the day we watched our furry entertainment run around under our feet. “I have one last puppy to give away” my friend mentioned as she glanced at me. “She’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix + I don’t think my other girlfriend is going to take her.”

I thought it over carefully, picking apart every scenario in my mind. My dad absolutely did not want another dog in the house, I did not have time to care for one… but mom had mentioned something about taking another dog in to befriend our two year old chow/lab mix. I definitely thought everything over + I replied, “You know, I really don’t think my parents want another dog…” “Well, just call her + see what she says” was the reply I received. Famous last words.

It was about 11PM the next night. Paisley Aven came to me freshly bathed, puppy breath, pot belly & all. I was in love.

I had to buy her everything with the puppy cuteness!! PINK of course. We went to the store that very night & I swooped up a cute little doggie bed, treats [naturally] PINK leash, PINK collar, toys + everything else she would need to start her spoiled rotten life with ME!! I finally had a dog!! I couldn’t believe it! I’d always wanted a Rhodesian Ridgeback because I’d heard they were great guard dogs. I had prayed about 2 months ago that I would have to means to take care of one someday. I definitely did not want to buy one because I believe that every dog, cat, bird, pet deserves a GREAT home + family to love. There are PLENTY of future, family loving pets out there waiting to be adopted. You just have to look + they’ll come running into your arms; big heart + all.

On top of being an animal lover, I also love fashion! Here are some of the fabulous finds I’ve [Paisley] picked out for her 1st birthday, July 4th, 2011. Oh! I didn’t mention!?? She’s an Independence Day doggie. That makes her extra spesh!

Our current favorite line of designer doggie duds is Chrome Bones + this is our favorite piece; their snake skin embossed Italian leather collar with chrome plated signature hardware. All of their pieces are made with the glamorous, fashion savvy doggie in mind. That’s why they’re the perfect fit for Ms. Paisley.

Following on the heels of our favorite, is this doggie couture clothing designer, Kane + Couture. Equally fabulous is their lineup for your pampered pooch! We DIE for the collection of collars they carry as Paisley will, all too soon, be too large to fit in + look cutesy, in any doggie clothing! This is our fav. Hands down!

I hoped you enjoyed the fashion finds we’ve sniffed out for you so far but until next time!!

All the doggie lovins in the world, E. Shaina + Paisley Aven


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