Monday, September 27, 2010

Dudley & Jake - 400 lbs of Furry Fun - Kansas City Dog Photography

Have I mentioned I LOVE what I do? I love dogs and I love taking photos.... put the two together and you have a dream job (in my opinion anyways). Every dog I meet is special to me and it still amazes me how much patience I have with furry kids. I know it usually appears to the owners that their dog is not focusing or behaving properly and they are unsure how in the world these photos are really going to turn out. But, once they see the end result and show their appreciation and happiness, it continues to cement the fact that this is really the correct plan for my life and I cant wait to see how it grows from here!

Meet the adorable family! Dudley and Jake are each 200 lbs of sweetness. True gentle giants!

It could be my insanely high pitched noises, or it could be the fact that I like to "talk" for the dogs as I see their expressions and imagine what they are thinking... either way, it appears I am quite hilarious!

Dudley, the newest edition to the family!

And Jake, the older boy... he appears to be totally over this photo shoot! Are we done yet Mooooooom????

Treats = Drool. Gotta love it.

I wonder if I can make a run for it without them noticing?

I love candid moments like this... I do not script anything.. I really don't even pose people for the most part, besides just a little direction on where to sit. I feel like the best photos come from being comfortable and not directed what to do because that just isn't natural.

I love Dudley's expressions. This one really cracks me up. Smile? Ummm ok, how about this?

I will end with this photo because it makes me smile. The adorable family walking together and happily through life.


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