Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gracie the Schnoodle - Kansas City Dog Photography

Part Poodle + Part Schnauzer = The key to my heart! Oh my goodness, when I met Gracie, I just wanted to squeeze her forever! She looks so much like my Remington in the face with those Schnauzer features. My friend Kate adopted Gracie not long ago and what an angel she was to rescue her. Gracie had terrible bladder stones and a severe urinary tract infection. She is now doing much better thanks to Kate nursing her back to health. Kate is an amazing woman who also takes care of her beloved Max, who you may remember from a previous blog post. He has oral canine cancer and is such a trooper, undergoing various surgeries and cancer vaccinations and is holding strong. It is clear to me that Kate will do anything to ensure her precious fur babies are healthy and taken care of, no matter what the cost. I wish there were more amazing people like Kate in this world!

Who can't appreciate a little schnoodle booty?

And the classic tongue shots...

Gracie liked to perform a cute little "begging" trick for me. Could she be any cuter?


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