Friday, August 27, 2010

FAQ Reader Questions Answered - Part 2 - Kansas City Dog Photography

I love my supporters and I love to answer your questions. Here are some more questions from my readers and my responses. If you have any more questions or would like to see this as a regular type of post, please leave a comment on here or my Facebook page!

Emily Abril: How do you always get the dogs to smile? =)

This is a really good question. When I would first review some of the photos I took of the dogs at shelters, I would actually shock myself that I could capture their amazing smiles and personalities. I would ask myself, “Is that dog seriously smiling???” I always take the time to pet each dog and talk to them a little bit and show them that I am safe. The worst thing to do would be immediately pushing a camera down in their face, especially after all they have been through in life thus far and adjusting to the shelter environment. After I get to know them and connect with them, I start to take their photos. As crazy as it may sound, I honestly think they sense that I am there to help them and they are smiling at me because they can feel I may just be the hope they need to show others who they truly are and lead them to adopt.

Debi ✂ Livingston: Is there a simple way to get rid of yellow eyes in Cs4? I'm not very savvy with Photoshop.

Well first, I absolutely NEVER use a flash, which is what causes the blue/yellow or glowing eyes. Always use natural light when possible because there really isn’t an easy fix that looks natural for this problem. Place them by a window with alot of light shining through or better yet, outdoors only! If you absolutely must use a flash, it would be best to have the dog not look directly in the camera to avoid the pesky glow-eye.

Barbara Gruetzmacher: Is there a particular digital camera that you would recommend to purchase if you are wanting to get into photography to get those great quality shots?

Well professional photographers are primarily either Canon or Nikon users. I am a Nikon user and would recommend the Nikon D60 as a good starter digital SLR camera which is fairly user and consumer friendly for someone who has not ever used a digital SLR camera. SLR stands for single lens reflex and the camera uses a mechanical mirror system and pentaprism to direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder on the back of the camera.

DevriKing N KarlMalm: Yes - my question is - WHY DO YOU LIVE SO FAR AWAY?!

I wish I could clone myself and be everywhere for photo shoots! I am in the Midwest in Kansas City, but would consider traveling for on-location shoots at other major cities if enough people were interested, because it would be more cost effective to divide up the airfare cost to multiple people, etc.

Lisa Bower: When shooting a particular dog, how many shots do you typically take and how many do you actually use? Do you have any dogs that just take bad pics & can't get any good shots?

I take as many photos as I can during a one-hour session. At most, there may be 500 or more images taken, but then I take the time to sort through and keep the best ones and it’s usually around 100 that are left and then I specially edit around 25-40 of those.

Honestly, I have had some dogs that are a bit camera shy or don’t particularly want to focus very easily, but with enough patience I am always able to get a collection of nice images no matter what. I have never had a dog photo shoot that ended up disastrous without images that are able to be used. That could be due to the fact that I am an extremely persistent and patient person with animals.

And because I cant close a post without a photo, here is one of my favorites of Jack, the Long-haired Dachshund.


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