Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Before & After - Adding People from Separate Photos into One - Kansas City Photo Restoration

Have you ever been looking through your photos and wished you had taken a particular snapshot that you didn't? Want to superimpose someone from two different photos into one final photo? With the magic of Photoshop and a skilled hand, it is possible!

Photo #1 (request was to move girl on left...)

Photo #2 (along with girl on right into the final photo)

And there you have it! It helps if both photos you are working from are the same resolution and taken from the same distance in the first place, however alterations can still be done regardless. The photo quality is a little different per girl, based on what I described, but in the end, the result is two daughters now in one photo together! Do you have a photo you need edited or restored? E-mail me for a free estimate at fixyourimages@hotmail.com.


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