Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adoption Update - Kansas City Adoptable Dogs

I am thrilled to announce more dogs I have met and photographed in weeks past have now found new homes! I received a few messages lately from some of the rescue contacts I work closely with. Their words are so very kind and are the reason I am given hope and encouragement to continue tirelessly working to photograph every adoptable dog I can. Please continue to spread the word and also share the good news of more being adopted!

Sandi Outlaw, KC PAWS Owner: "I appreciate all your help! You are of course instrumental in helping us move so many dogs out...adoptions have certainly increased since you began taking your magic photos! We TRULY appreciate all you do for us....you've been a God send and exactly what we needed to help us find people who truly "see" our dogs...not just the cute little face, but see who they are and their personalities.... thank you!"

Faye Pugh, PRO: "Jennifer is one of the most dedicated members of animal rescue. She uses her gift to help the rest of us find homes for our beloved fur kids."

Sherrie Giddens, T.A.R.A.: "Thanks so much for being a great advocate for all rescue dogs in the area. You will never know the FULL IMPACT your photos have on getting these loving and deserving poor kids adopted. They thank you and so do I!"

To see current adoptables at KC P.A.W.S., visit their website http://www.kcpaws.org/ and click on "View our Adoptables." There is also an online donation system to make it easy and convenient for anyone to donate to this wonderful rescue, which will contribute to the healing, rescuing and caring for these dogs. If you have an hour to spare, please consider volunteering at any local shelter to help with walking dogs and giving them love they deserve. You would be amazed at how much you can make a difference to these animals.


Adopted - Tiny!

Adopted: Lola & Gracie!

Now in Foster Care - Devin!

Adopted - Bull Perfect!


Adopted - Rio!

Adopted - Tyko!

Adopted - Ruby!

Adopted - Felix!

Adopted - Brenna! (Awaiting Heartworm Treatment)

Adopted - China!

Adopted - Mr. Black!


Adopted - Red!

Adopted - Cyrus!


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