Monday, July 26, 2010

Pet Home Magazine Sneak Preview Photos - Kansas City Dog Photography

Sweat dripped down my face, my camera was getting heavier with each shoot, I was so hot and tired... but I still had a smile on my face. My husband was my assistant for the day during this photo shoot for Pet Home Magazine since I had to photograph multiple dogs and they all were transported to different parts of Kansas City, away from the shelter, KC P.A.W.S. He finally saw my exhaustion and the hard work it takes for me to capture these special dogs and he asked me, "Why do you do it?"

That is a question I am sure many of you have wondered to yourself. So, why do I do this? As exhausting as this job has become, I will not give up now. I will never stop fighting for these dogs and giving them a voice. Even if I just help one find their forever family, every ounce of my efforts is worth it. I believe deep in my heart that some of these dogs are so easily overlooked because of a poor photo or not enough marketing and exposure. Being able to capture each dog's true personality on film still amazes me when I see the results. I can't help but smile as I sort through the photos I take, excited to share with others who will finally see the personalities that these dogs want you to see so badly. A picture really is worth a 1,000 words. It has become my job to ensure every adoptable dog I meet is accurately represented through the art of photography. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

It was hard to narrow down my one favorite from each dog's session, but here they are! Stay tuned for more details of when these amazing adoptable doggies will be appearing in Pet Home Magazine!

Kokomo - Graffiti Wall in KC

Cinnamon - Loose Park in KC

Tyko - Loose Park in KC

Lady - Waldo District Fountain

Gwen - Nelson Art Museum

Brigita - Nelson Art Museum

Rio - Liberty Memorial "Lion" Statues

Clyde - Liberty Memorial Mosaic Wall


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