Monday, July 12, 2010

Max & Family - Kansas City Dog Photography

You may remember sweet Max from a previous blog post. In early April, Kate pulled his cheek back and saw a mass growing on his gums. She immediately made an appointment at the vet and he later underwent surgery to remove the mass. Unfortunately, the pathology report revealed a high grade malignant melanoma. They were referred to a veterinary oncologist and Max has been given regular shots of a canine melanoma vaccine. The vaccine involves a series of 4 shots two weeks apart, and then one every 6 months.

Max recently had more surgery due to his oral cancer. He had part of his upper jaw removed and some teeth as well. The recent report revealed sadly the cancer has spread to his lymph nodes. Max is so loved by his family and it is quite clear they will do anything to save him and extend his life as much as possible. Kate wanted to have one more photo shoot with the kiddos and Max to preserve his memory forever. Max was in good spirits, but seemed a little less interested in my photo shoot antics this time around. We made it work though and I hope these memories are cherished by Kate and her family for many years. To learn more about canine melanoma, visit this website:


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