Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Best Buddies Murphy & Remmy - Kansas City Dog Photography

Murphy and Remmy had an impromptu playdate last night. I usually end up pulling out my camera because they are just so stinkin cute, who wouldn't want to see more photos of these two? Although they are the same age, Murphy is slowing down a little bit, but Remmy has as much energy as ever! He usually makes the first move and after an intense stare-down, he tackles Murphy to the ground. Boys will be boys!


mom said...

Oh if this isn't the sweetest thing. The two of them are just kindred spirits from a past life. they sure love one another don't they? They actually seem like they are so happy being together. They are quite a adorable pair.I am so glad remmie has a pal like little murphy..This is the cutest session I have ever seen you do honey. I just adore the way you captured murphy tilting his head looking at you take his photo. I think he must love you as much as remmie does.

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