Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Adopt Me Please - Week of July 26- Kansas City P.A.W.S. Adoptable Dogs

It's time to announce more amazing furry babies up for adoption at KC P.A.W.S. I am continuing to work with Sandi at this organization who works so hard to rescue dogs, specializing in cruelty and neglect cases. Please spread the word to others and promote adoption! For more information, call Sandi, Mallory or Tiffani at 816-361-7829 or email

And remember to check out their website Don't forget this fabulous BONUS - All dogs adopted from PAWS come with 6 months of free doggy daycare at A Dog's Fun Playce (a $2,700.00 value).

I want to continue to thank all of my supporters for spreading the word and for your kind comments about my work. It really gives me the strength to keep doing this, so for that, I thank you all! "Saving one dog will not change the world. But for that one dog, the world will surely change." - Unknown

First, I wanted to open with Gwen. You may have seen Gwen, the adorable Mastiff, before. She has become a part of the KC PAWS family and loves to greet people and act as their secretary. I have been wanting to catch her in the act and so now you can finally see her in action! Although everyone at KC PAWS is extremely close to her and would be very sad to see her go, she is still in need of a forever family who will treat her like the princess she is.

Meet Mr. Black! This adorable Pittie was rescued off a chain in an inner City neighborhood. He spent his whole life on a short heavy chain with only two pallets standing on end with a tarp over the top for shelter. He was set free by a good samartian and would now like to find his new forever family.

Meet Bella! This sweet girl was abused and has a deformity in her chest which was caused by either being kicked or stepped on as a young puppy and having her ribs crushed. Since she wasn't treated, her ribs healed in an odd angle which has compressed her internal organs into a smaller chest cavity. Because of this she has not grown like a normal Bassett Hound and will remain very small. The Vet has given her a clean bill of health and despite all she has been through, she is an extremely loving little girl.

Meet Lacy! Lacy is a beautiful young Lab who ended up in a rural animal shelter where her owner did not come to claim her.

Meet Brenna! Oh sweet Brenna, the Boston Terrier. I really fell in love with this one. She just wanted to climb in my lap and give me kisses. She was obviously used as a breeder dog and has had numerous litters. She was rescued and now deserves to be the wonderful lap dog she is for the rest of her life.

Meet Felix! This little man is a senior Chihuahua who was given up when his family decided they didnt want him because they were having a baby. Felix is around 7 years old and they had him since he was a puppy. He would love for you to give him a chance even though he is a senior doggy.

Meet Simon! This Silky Terrier was found in a rural area and ended up in a rural shelter where he stayed for months waiting on his family to find him and they never did. He was in very good shape when found, even fairly recently groomed, but his family has never claimed him.

Meet Missy! Possible Lab/Chow or maybe part Corgi. She was found as a stray and rescued off of the streets. Missy is very well behaved, laid back, mellow and really will make a wonderful companion for any family.

Meet Bosco! This little Min Pin or Manchester Terrier Mix was rescued from a shelter as a tiny pup by a well meaning family who fell in love with him but had no idea what they were getting into and had done no research on the Terrier breed. Bosco is a really good little boy, a typical Terrier...full of energy and very happy!

Meet Lucy! She is an adorable young Beagle mix puppy whose nose probably got her in trouble and she wandered away from her home. She ended up in a rural pound and no one came to claim her.

Meet Chloe! This adorable miniature Italian Greyhound is very sweet and not extremely hyper like many Italian Greyhounds. Her owner had two older dogs and determined she just couldn't keep them all.


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