Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thank you Pawz at Play - Kansas City Dog Photography

If you are in the Kansas City area and need to take your furry child somewhere to release their energy while you work all day, Pawz at Play is the place! You can even view your doggy on their webcam while they play and be assured they are in the utmost care.

I have been attempting to dedicate a blog post to Pawz at Play for quite some time. I just haven't been able to put into words how much gratitude I have to them. I am a firm believer in remembering where your success comes from, and in my case, it was because of Erica Lane, the owner of Pawz at Play, the wonderful doggy daycare that we trust 100% and take our Remington to.

Erica believed in me and my photography long before I ever did. She allowed me to post my flyers and advertise my very new business in her doggy daycare and it was then that I began to see my first clients. I truly do not believe I would have grown the way I have without her and the amazing staff at Pawz at Play who have given me so much support, especially in the delicate beginning of my ventures as a dog photographer. Many of the employees embraced my photography and booked sessions as well, giving me the confidence I needed to continue to grow along this journey.

Since a simple "thank you" really isn't enough, I hope my public display of gratitude shows everyone at Pawz at Play how much you mean to me! In honor of the fabulous employees and their adorable furry babies, here are some of my favorite photos from their sessions in months past.

Casey V.
Mommy to Jordan & Dizzle
*I have to give Casey some love too. She was one of my first "fans" and always has positive comments about my photos. She trusted me with her dogs, even Jordan, her timid, rescued fur baby. She said she was amazed at how well he interacted with me, despite his reservations with strangers and she couldn't believe he was right up in my camera lens by the end of the session. This experience and all her support gave me so much confidence and I appreciate her very much!*

Casey L.
Mommy to Lina, Myste & Lexi
*Casey is the amazing Mom to these three furry children. Lina is blind, but you would never know it by seeing how she interacts with the world. Casey, you are a very special person to dedicate yourself to three doggies, especially ones who have special needs.*

Rachel J.
Mommy to Jack
*Rachel was also one of my first "fans" and this photo below is still my favorite photo of all time. When I saw this image, I was in awe of how I could actually capture the human/animal bond on film. Thank you for the amazing experience Rachel!*

Kim K.
Mommy to Carmen & Dude
*This was my most recent photo shoot and it's clear to me how much I have grown as a photographer in the past few months. Thank for trusting your adorable doggies with me Kim. Despite the 90 degree heat, I think Carmen & Dude were very patient and I hope I captured their shining personalities for you to remember always.*

Erica Lane
Mommy to Eddie & Reilly
Photo session to come!


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