Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Remington Rides a Tractor - Kansas City Dog Photography

Remington enjoyed some fun at Grandma and Grandpa's this Memorial Day weekend! He loves to be spoiled and hang out in their gorgeous sunroom. Of course I came prepared with my camera! I caught some more moments in his usual favorite spot.

Remington brought along his hedgehog buddy this weekend. They were bonding together in his favorite chair.

Then we moved the photo shoot outdoors. It was a beautiful weekend and Grandma and Grandpa live on 10 acres which was the perfect setting for some new photos!

Remington also decided to try out Grandpa's tractor. Don't worry though, he was under strict parental supervision.

The whole tractor setting just made me feel vintage, so I added some fun edits during post processing. Remington, you aren't old enough to drive just yet, but we can pretend!


Kristen Hale said...

Aww too cute! My Stella has the same hedgehog! She loves her "Hedgie" =)

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