Monday, June 14, 2010

Remington, My Silly Schnauzer - Kansas City Dog Photography

Oh Remington. You are so tolerant of all my silly antics, especially when a camera is involved. Did you know you are the cutest, best dog in the entire world? Seriously, you are. I am always happy while documenting your every moment, but I decided to have a little fun yesterday and roll you on your back to show your goofy side! Afterall, those schnauzer features make you appear so serious sometimes! I wanted to capture that beautiful smile... there it is!

Remington also likes to hang on the lounger outside and catch some rays. He gets a haircut every 6 weeks because of all that shaggy schnauzer fur! As you can see, his latest haircut is coming due this week!

Mom, you're boring me!

Ok, is this a good smile? Cheeeese....

How about now? When do I get my treat?

Remington also figured out how to join Facebook and is helping me network with doggy lovers from around the world! Become his friend by clicking here!


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