Friday, June 18, 2010

KC P.A.W.S. and Pet Home Magazine - Kansas City Dog Photography

I am so excited to announce that KC P.A.W.S. will be featured in Pet Home Magazine, along with my photographs of selected, urgent dogs they have up for adoption. I will be taking the dogs to various well known areas of Kansas City, to showcase even more of their individual personalities outside of a shelter setting. They will be featured in the Fall edition of Pet Home Magazine.

Pet Home Magazine

This is a wonderful opportunity for KC P.A.W.S. to feature their most urgent dogs for adoption. I am honored to be a part of contributing to Colleen's magazine for the greater good of animals. She is an amazing person and one of my inspirations. Here is more about Colleen, the editor of Pet Home Magazine:

Colleen Paige is one of America's premier pet lifestyle experts. She is the founder of National Dog Day, is a domestic and wildlife animal behaviorist, pet friendly interior designer, pet and child safety expert, publisher of both Pet Home Magazine and Style + Bliss Magazine. She offers advice to clients ranging from celebrities to the every day pet lover, offering in-home dog and cat training and counseling on pet nutrition and pet safe homes and gardens.

Colleen founded the Animal Miracle Network, which is a virtual web of love, encompassing her lifesaving holidays and connecting with animal lovers, shelters, rescues and businesses who care about helping orphaned animals find new homes through their participation in lifesaving events. AMN's events give pet lovers an opportunity to celebrate their furry kids with a wonderful day created to honor them for the unconditional love they bestow. More importantly, it gives shelters and rescues free space to exhibit and highlight the desperate animals in their care. Currently, Colleen is a Contributing Expert for OK! Celebrity Magazine and Her latest book, "The Good Behavior Book for Dogs" ( Rockport/Quarry Books 2007 ) provides illustrated, down-to-earth, practical advice for dog owners with not-so-perfect pups.

More Great News for KC P.A.W.S.
And in case you didn't hear yet, I have created a website for KC P.A.W.S., and an online donation system! This small rescue organization has been established since 2007, but had not yet begun these avenues of marketing, which I feel is extremely imperative to spreading the word via the web, through social networking and making it convenient and easy for anyone to donate. KC P.A.W.S. is also always looking for volunteers to bathe, brush, love, walk and care for their dogs, among various other tasks. Check out their new site and spread the word!


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