Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Frankie the Mastiff - Kansas City Dog Photography

I had the joy of photographing the gentle giant, Frankie the English Mastiff this weekend. He was such a good sport in the scorching hot weather. We managed to find some shady spots such as this one below. Just look at his precious face!!!

Frankie also loves the water, so we took a stroll down to the lake area at Shawnee Mission Park. Here he is just observing his surroundings.

He decided to step in the water to cool off a bit. I just love this look on his face though. "Seriously, lady, can I get a moment in peace?"

Frankie slipped slightly and ended up falling (safely) into the water. This is what he thought of the incident.

Time to dry off!!!

Frankie did not always look me directly in the camera, but I think these shots of him looking down are so cute... as he is contemplating something really hard!

Maybe if I hide my face in the ground, she will stop taking my photo....

Are we done yet? Mooooooom!

I love capturing the human/doggy bond and I was able to do just that in these next couple shots.

Look at the size of his head!!!! He is a large boy. I could have probably ridden him like a horse since I am only a mere 5 feet tall.

Frankie, you are simply the best! Thanks for being such a good doggy and I bet those hot dog treats made things a little more bearable!


mom said...

These photos are seriously wonderful jen. I just love the one of frankie looking at the water. That was wonderful work jen.The is really amazing photography honey. You were able to capture so many things from just this one photo. Depth,frankies personality, scenic views.etc I contiue to be amazed every day with your work. You are really gifted honey..

mom said...

by the way jen, all the hot dogs in the world would not have worked their magic as much as you the photographer know how to get the best from everyone you work with.Awhh a proud mom does go on, and on lol

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