Thursday, June 10, 2010

Adopt Me Please - KC P.A.W.S. Adoptable Dogs

While I wish this world did not have the problem of dogs being abandoned and needing new homes in the first place, I am filled with joy when I am photographing them. I always enjoy meeting the dogs up for adoption and feeling their love. I am always hopeful my photos will speak to someone and lead them to adopt. I am positive that Sandi Outlaw, owner of P.A.W.S., spoke to my heart for a specific reason, when she explained that her organization was in desperate need of better quality photos. Some of the dogs have been with them for over a year and are being passed by, just because of poor photos. I am determined to photograph every dog they have now and in the future and together I am certain we can make a difference.

It is refreshing to work with someone now that has as much passion as I do about finding these dogs homes. Sandi took the time to explain the background of each and every dog I photographed and why they are so special. If anyone is interested in the below dogs, please call Sandi 816-361-7829 or email her at Check out their new blog website I designed to spread the word!

P.A.W.S. specializes in cruelty and neglect cases and they have a large facility and staff that is able to handle a wide variety of these types of issues as well as working with animals with behavioral, socialization, or training issues. And can you believe this BONUS - All dogs adopted from PAWS come with 6 months of free day care at A Dog's Fun Playce (a $2,700.00 value).

Brandon has been at PAWS for over a year. Brandon was a stray that ended up at Kansas City Animal Control. He was on their Euthanasia list and PAWS saved him. He is waiting for his forever home. Could it be you?

Brigita came from a rural shelter. She is such a sweetheart and would be so happy for you to allow her to show you what a loving coonhound she is.

Charlie was found running the streets by one of PAWS staff members who visits inner city neighborhoods with the Outreach program bringing education and resources to pet owners in lower income neighborhoods. Charlie had obviously lived nearly his entire life on the streets without any human interaction. Charlie needs a family who has patience and a lot of love, as he is still apprehensive of human contact, but not aggressive whatsoever.

Cinnamon has been at PAWS for over a year. She was removed from the home of a mentally challenged person who was not caring for her. She is such a sweetheart and loves people! Come adopt her today!

Clyde was found running free....he had been a frequent visitor to the local pound being picked up on numerous occasions.....but on his last trip to the pound, his owner never came back to get him.

Gwen was found tied to a rescue worker's porch with a sign around her neck that said "She don't breed no more." How heartbreaking is that? Gwen LOVES little dogs… she mothers all the dogs, grooms them and plays with gently.

Jonna and her family were born in the wild on a farm outside of Kansas City....the owner of the farm eventually started shooting the dogs and she was the only one who made it out alive. She is still apprehensive of human contact, but has come such a long way and her progress has been amazing. Jonna will need a family full of patience and love to give her a forever home she has deserved all her life.

Kokomo was actually found running down the middle of a busy street in rush hour traffic...she was dodging in and out of the cars. PAWS saved her and she is longing to love you forever!

Rio was rescued from a disgraceful shelter in the Southern MO area and was lucky to make it out alive. He is extremely loving and hopes someone will give him the chance he so deserves.

Sierra was also rescued from a shelter in the same Southern MO area and was lucky to make it out alive. When I knelt down to meet her, she immediately wanted to give me kisses and love.

Skeeter was found running loose and turned in as a stray. Skeeter is incredibly sweet and attaches to his humans very quickly. Just look at this adorable face!!

Snickerdoodle’s owner surrendered him. Just look at this precious face and try to say no! He is such a sweetheart and loved to smile for the camera!

Tyko has been at PAWS for nearly a year. He is a wonderful dog that was brought in by a woman to "board" him for a couple of weeks... The owner never came back for him. Can you believe someone could really do that? Tyko is a total sweetheart and is obviously so forgiving and ready to give his new master a mountain of happiness.


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