Monday, May 10, 2010

Sully & Maggie - Kansas City Dog Photography

I had the pleasure of documenting Sully and Maggie this weekend. What an adorable pair! I was extremely pleased with the lighting and my camera settings during this particular shoot and will definitely try to use similar conditions for future photo sessions.

Meet Maggie! This sweet 12 year old border collie mix was a bit camera shy, but that does not effect my persistence! I followed Maggie around wherever she went, even if it included hiding behind Mom. I think she gave in eventually. *smile*

Lori commented this depicts Maggie's personality... using something to lean on or hide against as a sense of security. Peek-a-boo!

And meet super sweet and energetic 10 month old brother, Sullivan, aka Sully. The moment I saw him, I was reminded of Chance, from the Disney classic Homeward Bound. Sully is an American Bulldog, rescued from the streets as a stray. Just look at this face! Don't you just want to squeeze it?!

And after the duo forgot there was a silly lady with a camera hanging around, I caught some really cute shots of them interacting. I LOVE this lighting and blur in the background!

Maggie says, "Hey, do you know why Mom is doing this to us? She knows I hate the camera.

Let's secretly plot to grab that whole bag of treats when Mom isn't looking!

I need a rest, Sully. This is exhausting! I am too old for this.

I then captured Sully in action with his favorite Frisbee! This boy is strong! I could not pry it from his grip!

Psst... Can you keep a secret?

Notice how the Frisbee is just barely hanging off Sully's lip? Too cute!

I will end with this photo from the session. It was one of the last photos I took and really sums up their bond together. Lori also immediately recognized this would be a cute puppy booty shot! I agree! Thank you so much for allowing me to document your furry children, Lori. It was an absolute joy!


Anonymous said...

Jennifer thank you so much for taking such beautiful pictures of my kids! To me these pictures are priceless and will be lasting memories of my precious babies. Everyone should take the time to document the precious lives of their loved ones...especially the furry ones! I just wish I had done this with all my other babies who have since passed on but maybe with some of your "FixYourImages Magic" you can make pretty good pictures that I took better! So stay tuned because that is my new project for you! Thanks was a fabulous experience!

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