Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lucy & Max - Kansas City Cat Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing Max and Lucy yesterday. It was the first time I had ever photographed kitties. Darlene, their Mommy, had seen my dog photos and wanted to take a chance to see if I would consider photographing cats. I have not had much interaction with cats in general, but I love all creatures and was willing to see what this would bring! The photo session was very different from anything I had done before and was a wonderful learning experience.

I learned that kitties are not as food motivated as my doggy friends. My high-pitched, "Who wants a treat?" and "Who wants to go for a walk?" did not have quite the same effect either. Ha! I learned that kitties require much more persistence (which I definitely have!) but most importantly I learned that I love to photograph all animals, regardless of whether it is a cat or dog. I am so blessed and feel I have been given a gift to document God's creatures and I am looking forward to growing and learning more every day. I am excited to photograph more feline friends and will offer a one-hour session with CD of digital images for 1/2 price to anyone who books a cat photo shoot in the next couple months. E-mail for details!

Meet Max! The lovable and beautiful 13-years young kitty. He was quite cooperative with my crazy antics, surely wondering what in the world this odd little girl was doing at his house, trying to entertain him frantically with feather toys, laser lights and pounce kitty treats.

And meet Lucy! The 21-years young kitty. Lucy was the inspiration behind the entire photo shoot, as her Mommy wanted to capture her professionally since she is getting slightly up there in age. You may not be able to tell from the photos, but Lucy was not a fan of my camera or my attempts at enticing her. However, she is a sweetheart and was just a little apprehensive of this silly photographer lady trying to make her smile for the camera.


mom said...

Oh Jen, these are just beautiful photos of your first cat baby. I think that you did such work getting his personality to shine through. I think they came out so gorgeous.I love his eye close ups.

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