Thursday, May 13, 2010

FouFou Dog Designer Doggy Wear - Kansas City Dog Photography

FouFou Dog is a Canadian company, specializing in upscale, designer doggy apparel and accessories; such as bling charms, collars & harnesses, leads, booties, and plush toys for the everyday pampered pooch. This company comes out with new, unique and trendy designs for every season to meet the needs of their fashion forward customers who like to dress their dogs in style, while maintaining functionality as well as affordability.

Visit them at or for more information or contact them at 416-628-1916.

Remington, my Miniature Schnauzer, wanted to recommend the following from their collection:

1. Remington advised I pack in style with these adorable luggage tags. His choice of breed for the tags is the Schnauzer for obvious reasons!

2. Remington says he really does appreciate booties on his little paws. Afterall, who wants to walk around bare-pawed on the snow and hot concrete?

3. Remington may be a boy, but he enjoys the occasional lavish bling. Furry babies deserve to sparkle too!

Celebrity Denise Richards loves FouFou Dog and shows off some of her favorites here! Photo courtesy of FouFou Dog.


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