Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blue Boy - A Very Special Pit Bull - Kansas City Dog Photography

Each dog I meet and photograph always stamps a little pawprint on my heart. I enjoy every moment of my photo shoots and I never forget the dogs I document. When I learned that someone I knew many years ago has a Pittie who was recently diagnosed with canine lymphoma and may possibly only have 2 months to live, it especially pulled at my heart strings. I knew I must document him as quickly as possible to preserve his memory forever. To learn more about canine lymphoma, visit this site: http://www.marvistavet.com/html/canine_lymphoma.html

I had the joy of documenting Blue Boy last night. What a sweet soul. This 10-year old Pittie certainly humored me during my photo antics. We met at Antioch Park, which was very peaceful and quiet. It was the perfect location to document this precious dog.

Blue Boy and his Daddy Pat live in Independence, Missouri, which is one of the cities that placed a ban on Pit Bulls in 2006. Pat was only able to keep Blue Boy because he owned him before the law was passed. Although he was allowed to keep Blue Boy, he had to follow strict guidelines such as registering, microchipping, crating him during car rides and even carrying $300,000 in liability insurance. As an animal lover and advocate, this information really angers me. I truly believe in my heart that Pit Bulls are one of the most friendly and loving breeds and are so misunderstood. Due to others who choose to promote a dog's fighting instinct have given all Pit Bulls an inaccurate and bad reputation. Perhaps the humans who make poor decisions should be punished instead of shunning a particular breed. What is most disheartening is that if Pat continues to live in Independence, he will not be allowed to bring another loving Pit Bull into his home, which is a tragedy in itself.

Pat, thank you so much for allowing me to document your special boy. From the short time I experienced with him, it is very clear how strong your bond is and how much he means to you. I hope you will cherish these memories forever and be reminded every day of what a wonderful furry friend he is.

Having a reflective moment, gazing into the lake.

Don't the boys look so regal in this photo?

Blue Boy is such a strong and gentle soul.

This one makes me laugh. It was towards the end of the photo session and he is sticking his tongue out, giving me some attitude. "Are we done yet, lady?"

We found this pretty little garden area. He looks like he is exploring a jungle!

Oooh, I love the caught in the moment shots, when people don't realize they are having their photo taken. Just look at that sweet bond.


bigalrlz said...

He's very beautiful! When I originally saw his pics on your Facebook with the location of Independence, Mo, my first thought was I hope the law doesn't find out! So I guess I'm glad he's grandfathered in, but it's still very sad he'll never get to enjoy a pitty brother or sister or even visitor. BSL = Dog Racism :(

Anonymous said...

Pat and Blue boys bond~!~ I know he has not much time to live but we must look at the time god has given us with him~!~He will be missed and stay in are memories forever~!~

Krista Sparkman Photography said...

What a sad story but beautiful pictures! I adore my Pit and can't imagine not ever being able to own another one some day :(

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