Monday, May 3, 2010

Adoption Update - Kansas City Animal Haven Adoptable Dogs

After researching this morning, I learned that 16 more dogs I have photographed at Animal Haven have since found new homes! I know I can not take the credit for these dogs finding an amazing new family though. It's the wonderful people out there who choose to adopt a pet that are the ones I want to recognize. I do hope that my photography is helping these precious fur babies have a stronger voice. My dream is for my passion to shine through each photo, capturing the hearts of everyone who is looking for a loving pet to complete their family.

Animal Haven has many more wonderful pets up for adoption. Contact them at 913 432-7548 or visit to view adoptable pets.

ADOPTED - Tigre!

ADOPTED - Tanner!

ADOPTED - Mikael!

ADOPTED - Lollie!


ADOPTED - Jilly!

ADOPTED - Gracie Lou!

ADOPTED - Duffy!


UPDATED - Cupcake!

ADOPTED - Clifford!

ADOPTED - Charlotte!

ADOPTED - Cashmere!

ADOPTED - Carter!


ADOPTED - Baloo!


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