Friday, April 30, 2010

Sweet Max - Kansas City Dog Photography

Oh, sweet Max, what a happy boy! We attempted a photo shoot last weekend, but it began to rain fairly hard and Max was less than excited about being out in the yucky weather. We scheduled a follow up shoot yesterday and I think these photos capture Max's beautiful spirit much better.

Max was adopted from Animal Haven in March of 2007, by Kate and her family. They were true angels to rescue him! Kate asked the Animal Haven staff to point out a dog that really deserved a home but would probably not get adopted. They immediately directed her to Lobo (his shelter name). Max is a senior dog, between 8-10 years old and is a lab mix, but resembles a greyhound as well. Kate mentioned that he even runs laps in their yard like he is on the track!

In early April, Kate noticed that Max's cheekbones seemed to be sticking out more than normal. One day, she pulled his cheek back and saw a purple/gray mass growing on his gums. She immediately made an appointment at the vet and he later underwent surgery to remove the mass. Unfortunately, the pathology report revealed a high grade malignant melanoma. They were referred to a veterinary oncologist and Max is now halfway through a canine melanoma vaccine. The vaccine involves a series of 4 shots two weeks apart, and then one every 6 months.

According to Max's vet, the vaccine was introduced three years ago and the majority of the dogs she has treated are still alive. Without the surgery and vaccine, he was only given about 3 months to live. To learn more about canine melanoma, visit this website:

Kate, thank you for being an angel and rescuing Max from Animal Haven. He has such a beautiful, joyful and tender spirit and it's clear how much he loves you and your family for saving him. He was a joy to document and I pray he has a full remission from this icky canine cancer!

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Anonymous said...

Max is truly a sweetheart with a survivor spirit! Thank you for capturing his great personality in your photos. I hope he challenges the odds and gives all of us hope in our lives!
Lori (Kate's mom)

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