Friday, April 23, 2010

Saving Doggies One Paw at a Time - Kansas City Dog Photography

On my way to the office today, an idea came to me that I should create a video of all the dogs I have photographed at Animal Haven who are still available for adoption. I wanted to find an endearing song to mix in the video and then upload it for everyone to see and share. What better way to share the dogs up for adoption then through online media? Animal Haven and their volunteers are truly amazing and I am honored to work with them to help these doggies find a forever home.

*From Animal Haven's Website* Established in 1966, Animal Haven is one of greater Kansas City’s largest no-kill animal shelters. Animal Haven is a non-profit organization operating with a progressive no-kill philosophy. For over 40 years, Animal Haven has served our community as both an adoption center and as an organization that manages stray animals for up to twelve local municipalities. Animal Haven is the only non-profit animal shelter in Johnson County, Kansas that manages stray animals. Animal Haven serves as a home between homes for as long as the animal needs it and never euthanizes for space. Animal haven also works full time to reunite pets with their owners.

If you are interested in adopting one of these fur babies, please call 913 432-7548 or visit Please reference their Animal ID as well.

Here is the video. Please share with your friends and be sure that you turn the sound on when viewing. Just hit the triangle play button in the bottom left. You can also see the video on YouTube:


mom said...

Jennifer I just so loved this video. I was just noticing that you had this posted. That song is just heartwarming and so goes with the fur babies needing to still be adopted.Wow are you so cleve honey. This is such a nice idea.

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