Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue, Inc. - Kansas City Dog Photography

I was recently contacted by the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue, Inc. (RMGDRI), who had learned about my dedication to photographing adoptable dogs at Animal Haven. They asked if I would be interested in helping others learn of their organization and as their region grows in the Kansas area, I may be photographing some of their foster dogs in the near future as well. I am so excited to help this group give their dogs a voice through my photography.

Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue, Inc. is a group of volunteers concerned with the welfare of Great Danes. Every day, they save the lives of Great Danes by funding their medical care, advanced surgical treatments, spay/neuters, food and shelter. As part of their mission, RMGDRI firmly believes that it is their responsibility to do all that they can for every Dane that comes into their care. It is their purpose to find new, permanent, and loving homes for Great Danes that have been abused, neglected and/or abandoned in primarily Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, and Wyoming. They will also consider adopting to families that live on the border between NE and IA. They are currently expanding their region to include Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona and South Dakota.

RMGDRI believes that Danes are most misunderstood because of their size. They know Great Danes to be extremely sensitive and loving creatures whose hearts are greater than they are big. With this in mind Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue chooses to understand the specific needs of each Dane and adopting home in an attempt to find the best possible match.

To learn more about the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue Inc., please visit their website:

And because a post just isn't complete without a photo, here is Puzzle, one of the Great Danes I photographed at Animal Haven who has since been adopted.


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Wow, what an amazing pic Jen, I just love it! :) Nicole Rouviere

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